Latte e Miele (formally known as Frigidarium) has been serving great Gelato since 2009.

Latte e Miele, which means “Milk and Honey” was inspired by the biblical paradise “Land of Milk and Honey” where there is abundant sustenance, joy and happiness. Similarly, we strive to evoke the same feelings of comfort and pleasure as you enjoy our gelato and other tasty treats.

Our Gelato

At Latte e Miele, our gelato is handmade daily using the finest ingredients according to Italian artisanal methods. Each and every flavor found at Latte e Miele’s counter is handcrafted in small quantities for absolute freshness and quality.

We use a well thought out balance of sugar, cream, milk, fruits etc. (and sometimes eggs) to achieve that perfect smoothness in texture and exquisitely intense flavour.  Moderate use of cream and careful balancing of sugars result in lower fat than average American-style ice cream.

Our Outlet

We are continuously improving service standards to offer customers a scrumptious-licious experience. Product offerings include: Gelato, Sorbets, Milkshakes, Brownies, Cakes, Waffles, Coffee, Ice Blended, Smoothies and Sandwiches.

We also have a little play area for the little ones to enjoy while parents relax. A place catered for everyone to enjoy a little piece of heaven. Visit us today!!

Italian gelato has less fat than ice cream, less air incorporated in it during the preparation process and is served at a higher temperature. Therefore, every spoonful of gelato provides greater flavor experience because there is less tongue-coating fat, richer taste due to less air and a full-on sensory experience as the temperature is not so cold as to numb sensitivity of the taste buds.